Romaine Lettuce E-Coli Contamination
The Good Food Store has confirmed that the romaine lettuce we stock in the produce department and use in our deli are grown in California and Mexico and ARE NOT implicated in the recent food safety outbreak.  For more information about this outbreak, please visit the Centers for Disease Controls and Preventin website at:

Peaceful Mountain Nasal Rescue & Stomach Rescue
Peaceful Mountain has recalled selected lots of their branded Nasal Rescue and Stomach Rescue products due to incorrect labeling.  
Lot Codes for the mislabeled Nasal Rescue product (1.5 oz.) are: G9558, G9716, G10110, and G10471.
Lot Codes for the mislabeled Stomach Rescue product (4 oz.) are: G9525, G9706, G9980, G10419, and G10641.

All of these product lots have been removed from Good Food Storeshelves.  However, customers who have recently purchased this product are urged to return it to the GFS Customer Service Desk for a full refund.  

We apologize for any inconvenience and urge you to call the GFS Customer Service Desk at 541-3663 if you have any questions.

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