Events listed below, unless otherwise noted, will take place here at the store. The list may also include community events the Good Food Store is sponsoring or that we think you’d like to hear about.

Heart Health
Amber Lynn Vitale, Certified Nutritionist
Regional Educator for Garden of Life
Friday, May 20th at 4pm
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Heart Disease is a leading cause of death in the United States. It's a troubling fact with a variety of causes that can range from uncontrollable factors like age or family history to more controllable ones such as diet and lifestyle. Heart health can impact blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight and much more. Some people attempt lifestyle changes through short-term diets, but not all diets are appropriate for all people. Instead, a more long-term approach that includes shifting life-long habits can provide a more sustained and healthier approach. Amber Lynn Vitale, Certified Nutritionist in Integrative Nutrition and Regional Educator for Garden of Life, will discuss how nutrition, beneficial supplements, and sustained lifestyle changes such as better sleep habits and even time to play can contribute to better overall heart health.

Anxiety & Sleeplessness in Children
Dr. Jamison Starbuck, Licensed Naturopathic Physician
1 Doc Naturopathic Medicine
Friday, May 20th at 5pm
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Anxiety rates increased considerably for children and adolescents according to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics in August 2021. It found that 1 in 5 youth had elevated anxiety. The causes of the increased deterioration of the mental health of children and adolescents will continue to be studied but, anecdotally, children have expressed challenges due to not being able to see friends regularly, the inability to participate in school activities, and having to miss certain milestones such as graduation ceremonies. Added onto this has been the constant worry about the health of family members and the children themselves during the pandemic. How can the adults in these children's lives best support them? Dr. Jamison Starbuck, a naturopathic family physician who has practiced for more than 30 years, addresses this question. She will provide helpful information about anxiety and sleeplessness in children and how nutrition, good sleep habits, and herbal or homeopathic supplements can help.

Steps Toward Better Sleep
Dr. Siatta B. Dunbar, DO, DipABLM
Saravit Wellness
Saturday, May 21st at 10am
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Sleep disruptions happen for all of us at some point. The disruptions can come from many things ranging from having a newborn, to needing to meet a deadline for work or school, to travel, to pain or illness, and so much more. Added to this list is the disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, something that some experts have name "COVID-somnia." The consequences of poor sleep can be both short term or long term and include weight issues, cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, forgetfulness and much, much more. Dr. Siatta Dunbar, Family Physician and Founder of Saravit Wellness, will discuss the power of restorative sleep as well as nutrition and movement habits you can develop to help enable you to experience better sleep.

Smash Your (Fat)igue
Dr. Teresita Martinez, Licensed Naturopathic Physician
The Golgi Clinic
Saturday, May 21st at 11am
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Medical researchers have found that the adrenals can be affected by a variety of pathogens including viruses such as COVID-19. The impact can be on the adrenal tissue as well as on the endocrine function. The manifestations can include blood sugar imbalances, low blood pressure, elevated stress, lack of energy, weight gain among other symptoms. Join Dr. Teresita Martinez, Naturopathic Physician and co-owner of The Golgi Clinic, for an illuminating discussion about the long-term effect viruses can have on the adrenals as well as ways to address these concerns including the ways we eat and drink.

Using Essential Oils for Everyday Relaxation
Elena Mercurio, Aromatherapy Educator
Aura Cacia - a brand of Frontier Co-op
Saturday, May 21st at 1pm
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Essential oils have been used for centuries. Rituals, treatment of illnesses, and even embalming were among some of the early uses. Depending on the plant, the oils are harvested from leaves, flowers, seeds, or bark. Through the ages they have been prized for their beneficial properties as well as the impact their scents can have on the mind and body. Join Elena Mercurio, the Aromatherapy Educator for Aura Cacia/Frontier Co-op for an enlightening discussion on how to use essential oils safely and easily and how they can become part of your everyday self-care practice.

What Does it Mean to Support Your Immune System?
Dr. Christine White Deeble, Licensed Naturopathic Physician
Natura Health & Wellness Clinic
Saturday, May 21st at 2pm
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A 2020 study found that viral infections are a leading cause of death and illness around the world, and yet viruses can impact different people differently. Why is this? Some get sick. Some don't. Some people recover easily, some don't. And, post-viral fatigue is a very real thing. Why? COVID-19 has made more people more aware of the need to support our immune systems, and yet, what does this mean? Our immune systems have a new challenge to deal with and we have to become more savvy in understanding what we can do to support immune health and how to support our bodies after we've dealt with a virus, be it COVID-19, influenza, the common cold, or other viruses such as Epstein-barr, and other herpes simplex viruses. Our gut health and hormone levels both contribute to better immune health and are impacted by viral infections. Dr. Christine White, Naturopathic Physician and Founding Partner of Natura Health & Wellness Clinic, will discuss the impact COVID-19 can have on our complex human body and how to get the help you may need.

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