A group of friends begins cooperative buying of bulk foods in 1970 and opens first
store in 1971 at corner of Beckwith and Higgins Avenue. Store moves downtown to Woody Street in January 1972, then to even larger space in Brunswick Building that same fall.  In 1974 GFS expands twice, both times into larger spaces on West Main. 

City officials site new parking garage in the block that’s home to the store. In 1982
city officials and customers help us move to corner of Kensington Avenue & Stephens.

No moves, but another remodel to accommodate need for more space. GFS expands retail space by 25% in September 1994.

In 2002 GFS begins renovation of former grocery store at 1600 S. 3rd St. West – our current location. The new store, four times larger than the previous location, opens
in May 2003.

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